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ESS Vintage AMT-1 Heil Air-Motion Tower Speakers AMT1 A

Submitted by on November 7, 2009 – 5:54 pm

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ESS Vintage AMT-1 Heil Air-Motion Tower Speakers AMT1 A Picture and Description:

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Click Here. Double your traffic. Get Vendio Gallery - Now FREE! ESS Vintage AMT-1 Heil Air-Motion Tower Speakers AMT1 A ESS AMT-1 Towers Auction Includes 2 ESS AMT-1 Heil Air-Motion Tower Speakers New Foam Surrounds on Woofers ___________________ Towards the end of WWII U.S. forces had a list of important German scientist who they deemed necessary to capture and relocate to the US. Dr. Oscar Heil was on the top of that list, his previous research and the invention of the J-FET transistor made him amongst the brightest Physicists in the world. He willingly fled to America and worked with the US government in furthering vacuum tube research. After the war Dr. Heil continued research in the field psychoacoustics, concentrating on loudspeaker design. While working for Electrostatic Sound Systems Laboratories (ESS), he developed a truly distinctive transducer that we now recognize as one of the greatest innovations in the electro acoustical field of last the 50 years. His transducer, known as the Heil Air Motion Transformer (AMT) or the Oscar Air Velocity Transformer (AVT), still remains cutting-edge in design and sonic performance even after 40 years since it first introduction. Dr. Heil began his research into loudspeaker design by studying the design and construction of the human ear. Then his studies concentrated on animals of a small proportion, which can produce a loud sound, especially compared to their size. These studies led to Dr. Heil’s formulation of his basic diaphragm design theory and the subsequent development of the AMT The unique design feature that makes it stand out from all other speakers, is an extremely lightweight Mylar diaphragm, folded into a number of accordion-like pleats to which aluminum foil strips are bonded. The diaphragm is mounted in an intense magnetic field and a music signal is applied to the aluminum strips. This causes the pleats to alternately expand and contract in a bellows-like manner in conformance with the music signal, forcing air out of the pleats and sucking in on the other side. The air movement is five times greater than the movement of the membrane; therefore the velocity is also five times greater. The total moving mass is approximately 1 gram. Its revolutionary design overrides the numerous problems of traditional transducers and it greatly outperforms other designs in every single aspect. The AMT-1 Tower speaker system was produced in the early 1970’s. This particular tower version was created to address one of the critiques of the original standard pyramid-shaped AMT-1, bass response. It wasn’t that the original AMT-1 went low enough, but the relationship of the Heil Air Motion Transformer and the traditional moving coil woofer was not a harmonious one. The new tall and slender towers utilized a 10 inch bass driver in a complex 6 foot quarter wave transmission line enclosure. This proved to be a better marriage of the frequency range, the speed of the bass response was much more in line with that of the AMT driver. Sonically the AMT-1 Tower is a truly amazing loudspeaker system that was ahead of its time, as is evident by its increasing popularity today. The top mounted AMT transducer reproduces the middle and high frequency ranges like no other system available. It follows the signal of the source with uncanny faithfulness and naturalness, capturing speed and depth that traditional drivers miss altogether. Imaging is extremely precise, revealing sonic texture with a unique degree of realism. Bass is natural and surprisingly musical. Nothing seems lagging or out of place. ___________________ Specifications Power Rating 75 watt continuous program 350 watt peaks circuit breaker protected Nominal Impedance 6 Ohm Dispersion 120° horizontal ;30° vertical Crossover Frequency 700 Hz Efficiency 1 watt input produces 82 dB sound pressure at a distance of 15 feet Frequency Response +/- 35-25,000 Hz AMT Control 3 position control Heil Air Motion Transformer Total Radiating Area: 29 inches2 (187 .24cm2 ) Transformation Ratio: 5.3 :1 velocity increase Magnetic Assembly Weight: 12 lb. 15 oz. (5.87 Kg) Flux Density: 4500 Gauss Square Wave Rise Time: 15 microseconds at 5000 Hz Low Frequency Driver Nominal Diameter: 10 inches Dimensions High: 43 ¾” Wide: 15” Deep: 17 ½” Weight 96 lbs each unpacked ___________________ ConditionSpeakers have been extremely well cared for and are in great condition. 10” woofers were just professionally refoamed. All drivers are operating flawlessly. Tops of cabinets show some light water rings, they are not too dark, so you may be able to get them out, probably not worth the effort though. Also 1 top has a small black mark on it. Bottom wood has some minor scratches. ___________________ This is a No Reserve auction so it will go to the highest bidder. ___________________ Please check my other auctions I am selling a lot of top-quality equipment. Please Click here to view these items ___________________ ShippingBecause of the weight and size of these speakers they will require special shipping arrangement. Actual shipping will range from $320.00 to east coast to $260.00 west coast, excluding the price of high-density packaging foam and boxes.. However I will only charge a flat rate of $220.00 to anywhere in the continental U.S. . This includes everything, shipping, insurance, packaging material, and expert packing. I will also ship these speakers World Wide and will only charge the Actual Shipping cost. GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!! ___________________ Please note: the item pictured is guaranteed to be the actual item you will receive. None of my pictures are taken off other people’s pages or web sites, so bid with confidence - what you see is what you get! ___________________ PaymentPayPal and any other eBay approved payments gladly accepted! (please email for details) Never a handling fee, buyer pays actual shipping as stated above. International bidders welcome. ___________________ Click here to add this auction to your Ebay “Watch List”! Click here to add me to your Ebay “Favorite Sellers List”! 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