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Great RCA (Radio Shack) CDRW140 Dual-Tray CD Recorder

Submitted by on December 22, 2010 – 3:13 pm

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Great RCA (Radio Shack) CDRW140 Dual-Tray CD Recorder Picture and Description:

 197433305109779920  Great RCA (Radio Shack) CDRW140 Dual Tray CD Recorder

This auction includes the CD player/recorder and owner's manual. Please note that this is a relisting. The high bidder in the first auction failed to communicate with me or pay for the item. This auction is for a really beautiful and fully functional RCA CDRW140 Dual-Tray CD Recorder. I have carefully examined this player/recorder and cleaned it thoroughly. All controls work smoothly and quietly. The digital read-out functions as it should and is easy to read. I tested all basic functions and found that all work as they should. Both drawers open and close smoothly, playback from both drawers produces excellent sound quality, recording function was successfully tested by dubbing another CD and the resulting copy was excellent. The sound produced by this CD player/recorder is of very high quality. I found no functional problem with this CDRW140 whatsoever. The cosmetics of this CD player/recorder are really excellent. There are few visible defects anywhere on the unit. The black faceplate has virtually no defects, the dial glass is perfect, and control knobs and buttons are in excellent scratch-free condition. The black metal cabinet shows a few minor scratches on top but none show bare metal and are pretty inconspicuous. This unit is really quite handsome. The design is clean, understated and classy. The features of CDRW140 include (from owner's manual): Dual Tray - lets you record from CD to CD-R/RW to create your own music mixes. Dubbing Speeds - 4X, 2X and 1X permits you to copy disks very quickly. Digital and Analog Inputs - allow recording from both digital and analog audio sources. Sequence Programming - lets you program up to 32 selections to play in any order you choose. Intro Check - helps you locate a desired track by playing the first 10 seconds of each track on the current CD. Repeat Play - lets you automatically repeat a single track, two CDs, or a series of programmed tracks. Shuffle Play - randomly selects tracks on loaded CDs and plays them. Operation of this player/recorder is quite simple after a quick review of the owner's manual - more convenient than some others I have used. In addition to the digital and analog inputs, there are digital and analog outputs as well. There are a few functions on this player/recorder which operate with the remote only (not included in this auction). These functions mainly involve some of the more complicated programming functions. In my use and testing of this player/recorder I was able to perform all necessary operations without the use of a remote. This CDRW140 was made in September 2003 for Radio Shack. At that time, "The Shack" was branding some of its products with the RCA logo. This player/recorder shows good build quality, has good fit and finish, and its ample weight indicates that there is something more than plastic in the cabinet. Please look carefully at the photographs, they are accurate descriptions of the cosmetic condition of this player/recorder and are of the actual item being auctioned. I carefully inspect, clean and repair when I can (and if necessary) every piece of electronic equipment I sell and I have described this CDRW140 to the best of my ability. I believe this player/recorder – given proper care - will perform as it does now for years to come but since it is a piece of used electronic/mechanical equipment, it is being sold as is with no returns or warranty. At the conclusion of the auction, it will be carefully packed - using double boxing (including its original box) and ample padding - so that it will be received in the condition described. The buyer will be responsible for paying all shipping costs (for a box with 21"x19"x8" dimensions and a shipping weight of approximately 20 pounds). I will ship this item to the lower 48 U.S. only. Payment must be made to the seller within 4 days of the close of auction – no exceptions.

 197433305109779921  Great RCA (Radio Shack) CDRW140 Dual Tray CD Recorder
 197433305109779922  Great RCA (Radio Shack) CDRW140 Dual Tray CD Recorder
 197433305109779923  Great RCA (Radio Shack) CDRW140 Dual Tray CD Recorder