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Ortofon MC15 Super II cartridge. Brand new – never used

Submitted by on January 2, 2011 – 7:14 am

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Ortofon MC15 Super II cartridge. Brand new – never used Picture and Description:

 203162507479129900 Ortofon MC15 Super II cartridge. Brand new   never used

Brand new unused genuine Danish made Ortofon MC 15 Super Mk II cartridge. Astute observers of the history of fine cartridges will instantly realise what a rarity is being offered here. Some years ago Ortofon released the original MC 15 Super. Sporting a boron cantilever, fine line stylus and Ortofon's famous moving coil sound, this limited release sold out worldwide in a flash. Aided by a couple of rave reviews in the English press at the time, its status was assured overnight. It did not take long for the improved model to arrive which is what's on offer here - the mk 2 version of a minor legend. Speakerbits have secured a very small quantity of brand new MC 15 Super Mk 2 cartridges. They were manufactured in 2010 and are not NOS. This guarantees that the rubber bearings are new and will last ten years or more before they even start to deteriorate. Oh – you didn’t know that? The rubber bearings on any cartridge perish over the years making NOS cartridges a bad idea. The MC 15 Super Mk II features a super fine line stylus, aluminium cantilever and sold new for $AUD495.00 ($USD402.00) some years ago. Read the specs on the attached .pdf. The cantilever will be visually inspected in our warehouse before shipping to ensure that is is not damaged or bent. A sticker will be placed inside the lid of the packaging noting the time and date of the inspection. Why Ortofon? There are many cartridge manufacturers around the world. I am sure many of them produce an excellent product, perhaps even with a reasonable performance to price ratio. Some lovingly screw their creations together by hand, some pump them out in an automated fashion. I imagine many make a consistent product. One manufacturer trusts engineering, measurement, thorough process and knowledge born of a nine decade history. One manufacturer consistently produces cartridges with the same sonic signature, year after year. One manufacturer has a factory floor full of exquisitely crafted machinery and test equipment. One manufacturer achieves a remarkable performance to price ratio with their product. One manufacturer embraces the breadth of the science underpinning their cartridges. One manufacturer truly understands their product and what they are doing. About Speakerbits You may collect your item from our office, located in Port Melbourne, Australia during business hours. We are a registered business and you will receive a tax invoice with your item. Speakerbits, established in 1998 specialises in wholesaling, retailing and servicing speakers, turntables and cartridges. Bidding This item is UNRESERVED - the highest bidder wins - simple as that. We have just a very few and I know they will sell fast, and for a reasonable price. The way to buy is to put your maximum bid in at the start. If it goes over, that's the way it went. If it goes for less, you're ahead. But we often receive emails lamenting that a user missed out by a few dollars. Um, if you're prepared to pay a few dollars more then the best policy is to bid a few dollars more at the start. We sell a lot of high end cartridges on Ebay which always attract many many watchers and bidders. Payment and shipping We will ship this anywhere in the world outside Australia by ECI (trackable express courier international) only. A flat fee of $AUD37.50 applies for international ECI shipments. Australian shipments will despatched by registered post. No alternative shipping methods or prices will be considered. I have timed this auction to end on Wednesday morning Melbourne time. Get your Paypal payment in as soon as the auction ends and your item will be despatched the sane day. The faster you pay, the faster you receive your item. If we are shipping your item, you can be assured that it will be packed correctly – we have been packing and shipping speakers, speaker parts and delicate electronic equipment for twenty one years. It’s worth noting that items from other sellers can and do tend to get lost or go missing – and invariably the cause is due to inadequate or incomplete addressing by the sender. We can boast a nearly unblemished record over the years as we attend to such important details with diligence. Should anything go wrong with your order or shipping we will of course do all that is practical and reasonable to correct it. Please note that the couriers require a signature and a business address for delivery is often the best option if available. Winning bidder - please note that we need your phone numbers as well as your address. Business or cell number please - preferably both. Your article will not leave our premises without at least one phone number visible on the consignment note and the invoice on the package. On 16-Aug-10 at 16:01:00 AEST, seller added the following information: The factory specifications have come to light and are listed here. TECHNICAL DATA MC 15 SUPER MK II Output voltage at 1000 Hz, 5cm/sec. 340 µV Channel balance at 1 kHz 25 dB Channel separation at 15 kHz > 15 dB Frequency range 20-40.000 Hz Frequency response 20-25.000 Hz + 4 / - 2 dB FIM distortion at recommended tracking force, DIN 45.542 80 µm Compliance, dynamic, lateral 15 µm/mN Stylus type Super Fine Line Stylus tip radius r/R 5/40 µm Equivalent stylus tip mass 0,40 mg Tracking force range 2,0-2,4 g (20-24 mN) Tracking force, recommended 2,2 g (22 mN) Tracking angle 20° Internal impedance, DC resistance 7 Ohm Recommended load impedance > 20 Ohm Cartridge body material Noryl Cartridge colour Black Cartridge weight 7 g Powered by eBay Turbo Lister

 203162507479129901 Ortofon MC15 Super II cartridge. Brand new   never used
 203162507479129902 Ortofon MC15 Super II cartridge. Brand new   never used
 203162507479129903 Ortofon MC15 Super II cartridge. Brand new   never used