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Revel Performa B15a Subwoofer

Submitted by on March 31, 2012 – 4:13 pm

We find the most interesting Audio Electronics For Sale. Here is the best deal we found for the Revel Performa B15a Subwoofer for sale on the Internet.

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Revel Performa B15a Subwoofer Picture and Description:

 477362209908899390 Revel Performa B15a Subwoofer

We're downsizing our 2 channel system so the Revel Performa B15 sub is for sale . It's less than a year old , functionally perfect and I can't see a single flaw . This incredible sub is one of the finest subs available , unmatched musical performance and almost endless tuneability. So much fine tuning control this truly is a set it and forget it sub . In our high quality 2 channel music system this sub integrates seamlessly with our Dynaudio Contour 3.4's ,and The beautiful Mcintosh soundstage also remains intact , unlike with other high end subs we've used . Although we haven't used this sub for theater , It is extremely well reviewed for theater as well as music . A google search will tell the story as I've never seen a sub with so many positive endorsements by experts and consumer audiophiles alike . After auditioning several subs in this price range , the Revel clearly bests subs like the JL Audio F15 Fathom , and REL B1 in musical integration . You'll be amazed at the low frequency details this sub reveals . It's got multiple RCA and XLR inputs and outputs and is extremely heavy (110 pounds) for it's compact size (18"x18"x19"). Included is the stock power cord , but can include a great Mac HC Sound Pipe 4' power cable for $50.00 , or a 2 meter pair of Audioquest Ruby interconnects for $25.00 . We will be listing our Mcintosh C100 preamp , Mcintosh MC7300 power amp , Bel Canto e series dac3 , 1 meter Cardas Golden Cross , and Cardas Bel Canto XLR connects . Please message me if interested . I've set shipping at $120 and I'll refund any difference if it happens to be less . This will be professionally packed and insured by our excellent local UPS Store .

 477362209908899391 Revel Performa B15a Subwoofer
 477362209908899392 Revel Performa B15a Subwoofer